About us

The University College “Haute École Provinciale de Hainaut - Condorcet” was created in September 2009 by the fusion of the “Haute École Provinciale de Hainaut Occidental (HEPHO), the “Haute École Provinciale de Mons - Borinage - Centre” (HEPMBC) and the “Haute École Provinciale de Charleroi - Université du Travail” (HEPCUT).

It consists of 10 departments : AgroBiosciences and ChemistryApplied ArtsSciences and technologiesEducational sciencesMarketing and touristic and hotel managementEconomic, legal and management sciencesMotor sciencesPublic healthSpeech therapy sciences.

About fifty short-type curriculum (bachelors) and master’s degrees are organized in six campus : Tournai, Morlanwelz, Ath, Charleroi, Mons and Saint-Ghislain.

Condorcet promotes a democratic education, open to all and wishing to form critical minds as well as blooming citizens. We accomplish our public service missions with respect for the principle of neutrality, in line with the values of our Educational, Social and Cultural Program (called Projet pédagogique, social et culturel - PPSC in French). This program engages us to fully participate in the construction of a democratic, stimulating, tolerant, secular, cohesive and responsible society. We want to give our students the highest education they can get offering them equal chances regarding the social emancipation. The division of our locations all over the province of Hainaut makes Condorcet a community school, obviously open to students from other provinces and from abroad. Finally, following the “Paysage decree”, our University College chases a professional finality of higher qualification.

Juridical status of the institution

The University College “HEPH - Condorcet” has been instituted by the resolution of the Provincial Council on the 12th February 2009. The organizing authority of the University College is thus the Province of Hainaut.

Organization of the institution

Organigramme institution fev 2024

Training organized by the institution

We offer you about fifty academic trainings from level 6 to 7 (according to the European qualifications framework). We offer you short-cycle trainings (bachelors) as well as master’s degrees and specializations and one-year links in the seven departments of teaching and organized in the University Colleges of the Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles (FWB).

Department  Number of trainings (Bachelor)   Number of trainings (Master)  Number of trainings (specialization / link)
AgrobioSciences and Chemistry 13 8 1
Applied arts 5    
Communication, education and social studies 6 2  
Economic, legal and management sciences 7    
Educational sciences 1 10 1
Marketing and touristic and hotel management 3    
Motor sciences 3 1 1
Public health 5 1 2
Sciences and technologies 8 6 1
Speech therapy sciences 1