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About us

The Science and Technology research unit was built in 2020 around the thermography topic. This topic has given birth to two laboratories: Energy and Environment lab, the Advanced Non-Destructive Inspection and Manufacturing (ANDIM) lab.

The ANDIM lab studies the advanced technologies allowing to manufacture parts in advanced materials such as ceramics, composites, ... Moreover, it proposes to develop these new technologies by studying the implementation of non-destructive inspection specific to the technology as well as the material. 

The Energy and Environment lab studies energy performance, mainly in the building sector. Our current projects deal with modelling of energy demand of a district (for heating and electricity) and experimental study of energy systems to reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions of this district, thermal performance evaluation of walls and thermal bridges by using infrared thermography, and energy evaluation and optimisation of systems used in the agricultural food production. We are also studying energy performance, energy improvement and use of solar resource for some buildings based on the UCharleroi Campus."

The unit is also active in:

  • aerotechnics
  • automation and robotics
  • information and technology

The research unit works with national and international partners, both academic and industrial.