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globodera rostochiensis


I. Phytopathology

- Field crops :
  • Study of phytoparasitic nematodes (Globodera sp., Heterodera sp.) of crops
  • Study of early blight (Alternaria sp.) and late blight (Phytophthora sp.) of potato
- Ornamental trees :
  • Study of bacterial canker disease (Pseudomonas sp.) in chestnut
  • Diagnosis of pathogenic bacteria and fungi of ornamental trees

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II. Environmental Metagenetics

  • Study of bacterial, viral and protozoan populations in distribution and catchment waters (Cwality project "AQUAPROVI")
  • Metagenetic study of vermicomposts and vermicompost teas (FIRST project "OPTIVER")

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labo 093


III. Variety analysis of cultivated plants

  • Varietal identification and study of the genetic diversity of some cultivated plants using molecular markers (SSRs, ISSRs, AFLPs, SNPs):
    • potato,
    • wheat,
    • pea,
    • colza,
    • lavender,
    • onion,
    • banana

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qPCR publi1

gel electrophorese

IV. Sanitary quality of agricultural and agri-food production

  • Development of sanitary treatment with ozone in agro-food
  • Quantitative detection of Saccharomycetaceae yeasts (Kazachstania sp.,  Saccharomyces sp.) in food products
  • Detection of meat in food products:
    • beef,
    • chicken,
    • pig,
    • horse,
    • sheep

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