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About us

The applied plant ecophysiology laboratory is based on the soil-plant-environment system and is in close collaboration with the CARAH asbl, a research center associated with HEPH-Condorcet.

 Its units are:

  1. Plant physiology & Soil Science
  2. In vitro Culture
  3. Agronomy & Environment
  4. Artificial Life lightning

Its activities cover three main areas:

  1. Development of applied research,
  2. Internships offering,
  3. Service offering.


TFE/PhD Follow-up and internships supervision:

The numerous research activities allow the integration of Belgian and foreign students to carry out their final work as well as for professional integration.

Tools and facilities available:

-          Laboratories (in vitro, soil and plant mineral analysis)

-          Experimental greenhouses, hydroponics

-          Phytotrons and culture chambers

-          Equipment for measuring photosynthesis (Gas exchange analyzer, fluorimeter) and the optical properties of plants (chlorophyll content, anthocyanins, flavonols)

-          Penetrometer, Casagrande cup for soil consitency and soil structure

-          Spectroradiometer (light analysis)